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    Let's Talk: Community Partnerships with The Primary School

    Building Healthy Habits: How Educators Can Support

    Math Read-Alouds: Tools to Build Foundational Math Skills

    Supporting Children in a World of Current Events: 4 Strategies for Teachers

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    Kaymbu 360 is a collection of high-quality tools and resources for early childhood educators. From strategies you can implement now, to opportunities to grow professionally and a community of fellow educators to support you, Kaymbu 360 will strengthen the quality of your practice and programs.


    Materials, strategies, and videos for educators to support at-home learning including activity packets and exemplar videos.


    Join us for online workshops and round-table discussions to better your practice and outcomes for all young children.


    Access best-in-class software tools for lesson planning, assessment, professional development and family engagement.


    Connect with your peers in a vibrant interactive community of early childhood educators to share best practices.

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