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    Kaymbu 360 symposiums are live, virtual events designed just for early educators to learn from experts, connect with fellow educators, and earn credit hours. From poignant conversations about the field's most pressing topics to useful, practice-based sessions unpacking the latest research and how it impacts the field, educators leave with actionable strategies and a renewed love of their vocation.

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    Experts and Leaders in the Early Childhood Field

    Dr. Jeannette Betancourt

    Senior Vice President of Social Impact

    Sesame Workshop

    Ruby Bridges

    Author & Activist

    Geoffrey Canada

    Harlem Children's Zone

    Arne Duncan

    Former U.S. Secretary of Education

    Ellen Galinsky

    Chief Science Officer
    Bezos Foundation

    Sonia Manzano

    Maria on Sesame Street

    Innosanto Nagara

    Author & Illustrator

    Dr. Illana Nankin

    Founder & CEO
    Breathe for Change

    Dr. Bruce Perry

    Senior Fellow
    ChildTrauma Institute

    Dr. Rosemarie Truglio

    Senior Vice President of Curriculum and Content
    Sesame Workshop

    Dr. Stephanie Currenton

    Associate Professor 
    Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development

    Jacqueline Woodson

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    October, 2020

    Early childhood educators work with children during one of the most critical developmental periods of their lives -- experiences at this young age are instrumental in shaping their future health and well-being. But what is actually occurring in a young child’s brain in their early years of life? How do environmental and social factors influence brain development? And what does this research mean for educators as they work to support children’s healthy and positive outcomes? This event focused on answers to these questions, and more!

    April, 2021

    As the world continues to grapple with conversations around structural racism, diversity, and inclusion, our children are watching, listening, and learning. This event focused on creating inclusive, culturally responsive learning environments, supporting positive racial and cultural identity development in young children, creating equitable family partnerships, and advocating for a more equitable early childhood system.

    August, 2020

    In the fall of 2020, many children began to re-enter learning environments with new mental health and emotional needs. This event focused on prioritizing teachers' mental health, strategies for creating stable and comfortable learning environments, trauma-informed care, understanding the impacts of COVID on children's mental health, and viewing behavior as a form of communication.

    May, 2020

    As early childhood centers and schools began to close across the country, it was glaringly obvious to educators that our country’s most vulnerable children were at risk. This event focused on strategies for supporting young children’s needs as we shifted to remote learning, adapting to the lasting impacts of COVID-19, and partnering with families to design re-opening plans.

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